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STEM at Home



Read Aloud of Rosie Revere, Engineer

Join me as a read a wonderful STEM picture book: Rosie Revere, Engineer!

Make a Foil Boat!

I want to see if you can make a boat with something that you most likely already have in your kitchen, FOIL! Rip off a sheet of foil and form it into a boat! Next put your boat in your bath tub or a large bowl full of water! Does it float? If so, then test it's strength! Put blocks or coins into your boat one at a time until it sinks! Then try again with a new boat design! Will it be stronger than your first?

STEM Activity: Build a Fort!

This STEM activity is perfect for a rainy day! First, gather supplies you will need to build a fort! Some things you could use are blankets, sheets, chairs, tables, etc! Next, get a pencil and a sheet of paper to draw out the blue print for your fort! Then, get to building! You can make changes to your original design if necessary! Finally, your fort is ready for fun! Grab your favorite book and read it in your fort!